52 Ways to Murder

Jan 15


I couldn’t do it

go figure

I’m sorry I hurt everyone

i know you guys care

it’s just hard to feel it

and I’m losing everything

my dog

my house

I can’t find a second job and my only job isn’t good enough

I’m stuck here and Bob’s only making things unbearable

my computer and phone

so I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone, anyways.

It would be p much like I was dead anyway

if I ever do get a chance to come back

it won’t be on this blog

or my vent blog

I’m too ashamed of myself to come back here

I’m going to kill myself

I oured my heart out and explained while I was goine three times already and my laptop went and erased everything

I think I will go drink that bleach now


even if I don’t I’m losing everything

and I mean


next week

so who cares, right?

I’m sure none of you do

god I fucking hate everyuthing

Jan 06

I don’t think you realize that I can’t “move on”

I have a little thing called “anxiety”

and I’m going to lose sleep over this.

Jan 05

I need to stop expecting people to acknowledge I exist.

No matter how lonely I get, I need to remember that I deserve this.

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I don’t even want to do anything with myself right now other than lay down and cry my self to sleep

I’m such a fucking disgusting human being

I can’t even believe myself

I just hurt someone and I’m rolling around on this stupid blog playing victim

I just wish this anxiety would go away

I wish this depression would go away

I wish I would go away

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I keep trying to open up on my blog more.


But the more I open up, the more I hate myself and the person I’ve become.


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